What We Do
We acquire and reposition 100 - 400 unit multifamily properties in the Southeast.

What we do

We focus on acquiring class B and C multifamily assets with strong cash flow and improving the properties into institutional quality assets.

  • TERM:
  • UNITS:
  • Typical Exit after 5 years
  • 16 - 20%
  • 10-12% (typically after year 2)
  • 100 - 300
AJM Capital purchases off market class B multifamily properties in class A locations
add Value
We increase operating income by strategically improving the asset and increasing rents
We partner with top property management firms to improve operations, cut expenses, and distribute profits
We exit the property after ~5 years for a target IRR of 16-20%

What Sets Us Apart

1. We are conservative in our underwriting and always model for the unexpected. If it's not a good investment in a market downturn, it's not a good investment.

2. We believe honesty and transparency are the foundation of a successful business. No investment is 100% free of risk, however profitable our past investments have been. We share the good and bad with our investors, and keep everyone informed with monthly updates and quarterly reports.

3. We leverage data science and machine learning to make better acquisition and asset management decisions, from the property down to the unit and even tenant level.

4. We focus exclusively on off-market properties. By avoiding bidding wars we can acquire assets at a price that makes sense.

5. We invest in our backyard. Having boots on the ground helps us find the best deals and execute on our value add strategy. Nashville's fundamentals are some of the strongest of any market in the country -- around 82 people a day are moving to Nashville, and that number is steadily growing.

Invest with us
If our investment strategy seems like a good fit, apply here to get access to our deals as they become available.